Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"They laid hands on their property and their daughters":the rape of Amona 2006

I write with tears in my eyes. The recent expulsion of our dear brethren from the community of Amona has dimmed my eyes. The sheer brutality with which the soldiers and police of the “ Jewish State” handled innocent Jewish civilians gathered to protest the governments latest aktion is grotesque.The video is nauseating, bloody and violent but most sadly not surprising in the least.The images of black suited riot police ,with no name tags, literally cracking the skulls of innocent Jews as the tore them from their homes is one which will not soon fade. Young Jewish women, the pride of Jewish mothers and fathers, disgracefully violated in the most inappropriate and obscene ways, by young Israeli policemen; the pride of 80 years of corrupt labor Zionism.Taunts of whore and threats of rape hurled at our innocent sisters not by the Arabs, Nazis, Cossacks, Crusaders Romans or even the Greeks, but by the expulsionists of the Israeli Police and Army. Indeed this behavior is eerily reminiscent of the Greek oppressors of Judea over two thousand years ago as Maimonides states in his code (Sefer zemanim hilchot megillah and Chanukah chap 3 halacha 1) “In the time of the Greek rule over Israel, they issued evil decrees against them forbidding the practice of the law and fulfillment of the commandments. They Laid hands on their property and on their daughters…”
And now after the Maccabees triumphed over our Greek oppressors, after one thousand nine hundred and thirty six years of bitter and bloody exile we have a state in which our own police lay their hands upon our property and our daughters. Jewish homes ransacked not in 70 CE or 1492 or 1938 but in 2006. Not by Romans or Catholics or Nazis but by Israeli police
One need not be a bloodhound to smell the putrefaction of Israeli society. The soul of the state is like necrotic tissue, black and putrid. The hope of two thousand years to be a free nation in our land the land of Zion and Jerusalem. If this hope means that Israeli men are allowed to freely brutalize Jewish women and children then the hope has become a nightmare.
“The lovers of the L_RD hate evil”


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