Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Juden Haben Waffen"

This essay was written in memory of all those who decided to fight rather than die like sheep

It has now been 62 years since the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Sixty two years, six decades which have seen the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in our land and a mighty legion once again rise. However, most of us here in the galut and indeed many in Israel fail to learn anything from the heroes of Warsaw. The walls of the ghetto were already closing in when a few brave souls decided not to die like sheep but to exact vengeance on the enemies of our nation with their every last breath. These fighters were not, however, the majority. Even as some were being loaded onto cattle cars they still condemned the “militants” of the ZOB and the “fascists” of the ZZW for trying to fight. These people were so awash in the “ turn the other cheek” mentality that had been beaten into us, that even as they were hauled to Treblinka they decried the “hooligans” of the underground. Poor Jews, it was not their fault “eyes they have but they see not, ears, but they do not hear”. The fact of the matter is that two thousand years of European exile had brainwashed the Jews. What kind of behavior is violence for the sons of Abraham? Better that we die obediently at the hands of the Nazis than cause undue fuss. No , it is not true .The heroes of Warsaw whether they were socialists, bundists , bnei akiva or Betaris all understood what most of European Jewry did not and most of American Jewry does not know; that it is not a mitzvah to be peacefully persecuted.No where in the Torah are we instructed to give in to our own decimation. . The fighters recognized that violence unto our people deserves violence in return. And so, as the first of the wicked one’s SS companies entered the ghetto on April 19th at the start of the “grossaktion” they were met in turn with a hail of Jewish bullets. As the murderers fell the cry went forth “Juden haben waffen!”, “the Jews have weapons”.Let those three words be seared in the mind of every one of our enemies and may all of our brethren finally understand the true importance of those words.


Anonymous ha'g"rb-badler said...

kol ha'cavod ha'g"rya

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was perhaps my most militant post maybe not strong enough

3:45 PM  

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