Friday, March 04, 2005

Israel the apartheid state

For years I had denied it. It can not be true, I thought.I was wrong. It pains me to say this but I will finally admit it: Israel IS an Apartheid state. Thats right I said it but do you know why I said it?Certainly any right wing zionist like myself must be kidding; I am serious. We have at present a state of Israel in which one segment of the poplulation can buy land anywhere in the country, and the other segment is limited in the land it may buy.We have right now a system in which free speech applies only for some but not for all. The parliament will bar the political parties of one group for being rascist but the rule does not apply to the other side.Yes it pains me in the depths of my soul to say this but it is true; the recent ruling by attorney general Menahem Mazuz forced me to admit it. Israel is a rascist state. How could I say this after all thats the line of our enemies? Look at the facts.The side which has limited land rights is not the Arab but the Jew. The Jew can not buy land everywhere the Arab can and to me that is rascist. The Jew can not speak out against the government with out a severe punishment,not so for the Arab. Compare the sentences of Shmuel Sackett and Moshe Feiglin to any arab activist. limited free speech for one group is to me abhorent and rascist. The Jewish party has to guard its tongue against rascist rhetoric and sedition while on the knesset, floor ask any of the arab lists if they do the same? Only one party has ever been banned for excercising its legislative right not the Arab parties but Kach the only part that had an idea. Yes my friends it sadly appears that I have been wrong all along and Israel is an apartheid state where the Jew has no rigths next to his Arab "neighbor"


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