Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"If there is a hell - it’s seeing one's unconscious"

I am a very fortunate man. I have amazing friends. I have such good friends that when they perceive an imperfection in my soul they tell me. How I pray to one day be that perfected.
This morning one of my good friends confronted me. I, for some time, had been mistreating him. I had not intended to mistreat my friend. However, I had come off as though “I no longer valued him as a person”. My response was that I was unaware of any intention on my part to do this but at the same point I remain unable to deny that I was in fact guilty of this crime. So the analysis began. I have not even approached the problem in my psyche and I have been working at this all day. What is clear to me is that the unconscious is a deep, disturbing, beast. I have never felt such pain. I am torn. On one hand I know that I must dive into the bleak and stagnant pool which is my psyche. I have chosen to profess a life of chachma and this is the price of admission. Yet at the same time I find that this analysis is so painful that it makes me almost sorry that I have seen this path.

To be continued…

A change of course...

I first created this blog inorder to express my opinion and hone the skills that I had hoped would be the basis of my career.Since that time my interests, and plans for the future have changed drastically and as a result so has this blog. I will no longer be publishing any political commentary. will once again a place for me to practice and express myself in the areas that I am pursuing however, instead of right wing politics I will post my thoughts on yehaduth and general ideas that roll around my mind.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


We are in the run up to Tisha b’Av the anniversary of the date in 70 c.e. when the roman legions finally sacked Jerusalem, quashing our self rule and destroying our Temple. Ever since then the 9th of Av has been a bad time for our people. It should come as no surprise then that we find ourselves the object of scorn and derision for much of the world for defending the sovereignty of the state.
It is the most basic right of man to defend himself and his family from wanton aggression. It is the fundamental role of government to protect its citizenry. Self defense and protection of the mutual good is the reason that societies in general and governments in particular are formed. This fact has been the basis for all political thought for as long as there has been political thought. Just think about it. Suppose this wasn’t an attack across an international border so much as an armed intruder has come into your house and takes a family member hostage while you watch. Suppose further that you have the means and ability to neutralize this situation. Who can honestly tell me that it is immoral to take the shot? Would you worry that your shot might be disproportionate? I have yet to meet anyone that does not answer in the affirmative when asked would they shoot. That is why states have armies .That is also why citizens have the right to keep arms. The war on Islamo Nazism should be just that simple. There are millions of people that long for and actively support the extermination of the Jewish people and the destruction of the West. We have the right I dare say the responsibility to everything and anything to crush this threat. If we were to hold back on any way to defeat this enemy then we are guilty of murdering our own citizens. It is time to ignore world opinion and “conquer or die”.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"They laid hands on their property and their daughters":the rape of Amona 2006

I write with tears in my eyes. The recent expulsion of our dear brethren from the community of Amona has dimmed my eyes. The sheer brutality with which the soldiers and police of the “ Jewish State” handled innocent Jewish civilians gathered to protest the governments latest aktion is grotesque.The video is nauseating, bloody and violent but most sadly not surprising in the least.The images of black suited riot police ,with no name tags, literally cracking the skulls of innocent Jews as the tore them from their homes is one which will not soon fade. Young Jewish women, the pride of Jewish mothers and fathers, disgracefully violated in the most inappropriate and obscene ways, by young Israeli policemen; the pride of 80 years of corrupt labor Zionism.Taunts of whore and threats of rape hurled at our innocent sisters not by the Arabs, Nazis, Cossacks, Crusaders Romans or even the Greeks, but by the expulsionists of the Israeli Police and Army. Indeed this behavior is eerily reminiscent of the Greek oppressors of Judea over two thousand years ago as Maimonides states in his code (Sefer zemanim hilchot megillah and Chanukah chap 3 halacha 1) “In the time of the Greek rule over Israel, they issued evil decrees against them forbidding the practice of the law and fulfillment of the commandments. They Laid hands on their property and on their daughters…”
And now after the Maccabees triumphed over our Greek oppressors, after one thousand nine hundred and thirty six years of bitter and bloody exile we have a state in which our own police lay their hands upon our property and our daughters. Jewish homes ransacked not in 70 CE or 1492 or 1938 but in 2006. Not by Romans or Catholics or Nazis but by Israeli police
One need not be a bloodhound to smell the putrefaction of Israeli society. The soul of the state is like necrotic tissue, black and putrid. The hope of two thousand years to be a free nation in our land the land of Zion and Jerusalem. If this hope means that Israeli men are allowed to freely brutalize Jewish women and children then the hope has become a nightmare.
“The lovers of the L_RD hate evil”

Thursday, January 26, 2006

it is now as clear as day

Well we now have a hamas government and i dont know what to think at least now most rational people can see that the majority of the "palestinian" people want to perpetrate another holocaust now we the U.S. and Israel must gird ourselves and wage total war on the enemies of humanity

Sunday, May 22, 2005


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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Juden Haben Waffen"

This essay was written in memory of all those who decided to fight rather than die like sheep

It has now been 62 years since the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Sixty two years, six decades which have seen the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in our land and a mighty legion once again rise. However, most of us here in the galut and indeed many in Israel fail to learn anything from the heroes of Warsaw. The walls of the ghetto were already closing in when a few brave souls decided not to die like sheep but to exact vengeance on the enemies of our nation with their every last breath. These fighters were not, however, the majority. Even as some were being loaded onto cattle cars they still condemned the “militants” of the ZOB and the “fascists” of the ZZW for trying to fight. These people were so awash in the “ turn the other cheek” mentality that had been beaten into us, that even as they were hauled to Treblinka they decried the “hooligans” of the underground. Poor Jews, it was not their fault “eyes they have but they see not, ears, but they do not hear”. The fact of the matter is that two thousand years of European exile had brainwashed the Jews. What kind of behavior is violence for the sons of Abraham? Better that we die obediently at the hands of the Nazis than cause undue fuss. No , it is not true .The heroes of Warsaw whether they were socialists, bundists , bnei akiva or Betaris all understood what most of European Jewry did not and most of American Jewry does not know; that it is not a mitzvah to be peacefully persecuted.No where in the Torah are we instructed to give in to our own decimation. . The fighters recognized that violence unto our people deserves violence in return. And so, as the first of the wicked one’s SS companies entered the ghetto on April 19th at the start of the “grossaktion” they were met in turn with a hail of Jewish bullets. As the murderers fell the cry went forth “Juden haben waffen!”, “the Jews have weapons”.Let those three words be seared in the mind of every one of our enemies and may all of our brethren finally understand the true importance of those words.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Israel the apartheid state

For years I had denied it. It can not be true, I thought.I was wrong. It pains me to say this but I will finally admit it: Israel IS an Apartheid state. Thats right I said it but do you know why I said it?Certainly any right wing zionist like myself must be kidding; I am serious. We have at present a state of Israel in which one segment of the poplulation can buy land anywhere in the country, and the other segment is limited in the land it may buy.We have right now a system in which free speech applies only for some but not for all. The parliament will bar the political parties of one group for being rascist but the rule does not apply to the other side.Yes it pains me in the depths of my soul to say this but it is true; the recent ruling by attorney general Menahem Mazuz forced me to admit it. Israel is a rascist state. How could I say this after all thats the line of our enemies? Look at the facts.The side which has limited land rights is not the Arab but the Jew. The Jew can not buy land everywhere the Arab can and to me that is rascist. The Jew can not speak out against the government with out a severe punishment,not so for the Arab. Compare the sentences of Shmuel Sackett and Moshe Feiglin to any arab activist. limited free speech for one group is to me abhorent and rascist. The Jewish party has to guard its tongue against rascist rhetoric and sedition while on the knesset, floor ask any of the arab lists if they do the same? Only one party has ever been banned for excercising its legislative right not the Arab parties but Kach the only part that had an idea. Yes my friends it sadly appears that I have been wrong all along and Israel is an apartheid state where the Jew has no rigths next to his Arab "neighbor"